9 October 2010

Molton Brown Seamoss Stress Relieving Hydrosoak

In the past, I had for some reason an irrational dislike of Molton Brown. To my eyes, it seemed to be kind of an 'artificial' brand, invented purely to bring out bland toiletry gift sets every Christmas for frazzled shoppers on a last minute dash to get something for the mother in law, or to furnish bathrooms of luxury hotels.

I think this strange view was in part due to the fact that little seems to be known about the brand itself, and its history, and perhaps too the marketing. You don't seem to see it advertised much anywhere. Doing a bit of research into the brand for the purposes of this post, i was surprised to discover that it has a long history, dating back to 1973, when Molton Brown opened a hair salon in London's Mayfair, before branching out into toiletries based on ingredients from nature (one major plus of this brand is that it does not carry out animal testing on it's products or ingredients).

My somewhat unfair view of Molton Brown has in the past year or so been challenged by the few Molton Brown products I have tried (thanks to my mother being one of the recipients of the aforementioned gift sets!). I was surprised by the utter deliciousness of the scents - one of them a ginger shower gel, and also a green shower gel whose name I forget but which smelled divine, like nature bottled.

So when I was browsing Beauty Expert for a new bath product recently, I thought I'd treat myself to the delightful sounding Seamoss Stress Relieving Hydrosoak.

I have to confess that the gorgeous aqua-marine packaging and the fact that it had 'seamoss' in the title first drew me to this product - I am a sucker for anything marine-themed. However I was pleased to discover that it provided a suitably aquatic bathtime experience.

The scent is gorgeous - kind of hard to explain, but it is uplifting and relaxing, and definitely transports you to somewhere decidedly more appealing than your bathroom. The product contains dead sea salts, seaweeds and horse chestnut extracts which apparently help exfoliate the skin as well as soothe the senses.

The soak gets good reviews on Beauty Expert, but none of them mention the best thing about this in my opinion - that it turns your bath green! A gorgeous, sea green, as if you are bathing in a tropical lagoon.


At £18 for 300gm, it is expensive, but being much more of a shower person anyway I figured this would last me a while. The seamoss soak has definitely opened my eyes to the Molton Brown brand and I shall be exploring more products in future. I am considering buying the complementary shower gel, and I also like the sound of the Warming Eucalyptus Bath and Shower Gel. As well as toiletries, there is also a small selection of make up, and scented candles, on the Molton Brown website.

Does anyone have any Molton Brown products they would recommend? Who knows, between this and the Aromatherapy Associates Evening Bath and Shower Oil, which I've also been using (and loving) recently and will be reviewing shortly, I may just become a 'bath person'.

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  1. haha i sooo know what you mean with your initial molten brown thoughts. love the way you write xxx