11 April 2011

Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick - Kiss Me Coral

I am surprised how much I like this lipstick - I purchased it about six months ago and having just returned from holidays and having a bit of colour to my skin, I thought I'd try it out.

Although it is described as coral, I'd say this definitely veers towards orange!

However it's somehow a flattering shade that I think would suit a variety of warmer skin tones, and it makes a change from the usual pinks, berries and nudes I would normally sport.

Excuse the arty photos but they actually showed the colour the best! In fact they're making me want to go on holiday again, or at least waft around in a floaty kaftan wearing lots of jewellery and generally being fabulous.

I think it would look great with nude skin and a strong brow.

The formula is lovely - creamy and moisturising and stays on for ages. I've only worn this round the house so far and don't normally wear bright lipstick, but I might just have to be brave and go public with it this summer!

Revlon Superlustrous Lipsticks retail at a reasonable £7.49 and can often be found on special offer.  Based on Kiss Me Coral, I'd like to try more in the range - I do also have the cult shade Cherries in the Snow but it is even louder than Kiss Me Coral so I'll have to work up to that one I think. Have you tried any of the Superlustrous lipsticks?