11 August 2011

Estée Lauder Pure Colour Nail Lacquer - Tempting Melon

I love the colour of this summery polish - tempting and indeed melony.

The application wasn't that great - had to load polish on the brush and couldn't get it to apply v evenly. However it was worth persevering as it has lasted me about three days so far without chipping - pretty good in my book.

Pictured below with Nails Inc top coat.

I don't think I've seen a prettier peach than this this summer - definitely a warm weather staple (we can but dream!)

Estée Lauder Nail Lacquers are £14 for 9ml.

Essential measures #8 Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream

A few years ago, I bought a few items from the Dr Hauschka range during a terrible skin period, hoping I think for miracles. I didn't witness any miracles, and whilst I really liked some of the products, such as the Rose day cream, I concluded they weren't quite right for my skin (the latter just too heavy sadly, as I adore the scent and consistency and the dewy look it gives on application).

This summer anyway I decided to give the brand another chance. My skin had been feeling very stressed - tight, congested and irritated - and I felt the need to try something soothing and natural. As my laser clinic had started stocking Dr Hauschka and numerous other lovely natural brands such as Ren, I decided on instinct to purchase the Cleansing Cream (and the Neem Nail Oil - truly amazing, but for another post).

I have to say, this cleanser has notably improved the condition of my skin this summer. It no longer feels stressed; rather it feels smoother, softer and much more supple. Bumps and blemishes on my skin seem to disappear and my skin looks clearer and softer. I ran out of a tube and started using a Vichy cleanser, and was very aware of how much less comfortable and more tight my skin felt, so quickly bought another tube and lo - happy skin once again. This is now cemented in my beauty hall of fame.

It's quite an unusual product - the smell takes some getting used to. I won't attempt to describe it but I've actually grown to rather like it. I love the unique consistency of the cream - it's actually more of a paste than a cream I'd say (kind of like peanut butter, perhaps mixed with a dash of houmous...)

The idea is that you mix a bit with water, then use a "pressing, rolling motion" to work the product into your skin - rather than rub it in like a traditional face scrub. I think this method of applying (though I probably massage it in a bit more forcefully than you're meant to) is partly what is causing the visible improvements to my skin. If I leave it on for too long however it does start to sting a little.

I don't use this product to remove make up, so I tend to use it in the morning only. This is a deep cleansing product but due to the slightly mealy texture I'd feel like I was working my make up, along with the product, into my skin if I didn't remove it first.

The only thing I dislike - although I actually really like how the packaging looks - is that I think the toothpaste-like metal tube results in a bit of product wastage towards the end. I might have to start doing what I do with my Eight-hour cream - cutting it in half to get every last bit of product out before discarding it. Also I seem to get through the 50ml tube quite quickly (probably about 3 or 4 weeks with daily use) - a bigger tube would be brilliant.

Encouraged by the success with the Cleansing Cream I have since bought the Dr Hauschka Toner for normal skin, which you are instructed to spray on after cleansing in the morning and evening (without using a night cream). I'm trialling this at the moment, and have to say I don't think my skin is missing not having a night time cream or serum. Will report on that when I've used it all up, and on the Neem nail oil very soon - I noticed results after using that just a handful of times.

Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream retails at £14.95 for 50ml and is aimed at all skin types.

Do you have any hero products from Dr Hauschka?