15 August 2012

Omorovicza Firming Body Oil

Earlier in the summer, I had the pleasure of experiencing an Omorovicza facial at Fenwick on New Bond Street, London. It was the one of the most unusual (and effective) facials I've had (imagine the feeling of dozens of pairs of tiny feet scampering over your face for several minutes!). Afterwards my skin felt much firmer - especially round the jawline where I'm conscious of some slight sagging of the skin. My face was glowing for a good couple of days; given that the cost of the 60-minute facial was redeemable against purchase, it was an absolute bargain imo.

I purchased the Rejuvenating Night Cream as part of the redemption offer, which costs £96 for 50 ml (the cost of the facial was £70 so essentially I got the night cream for a £26). I haven't used it much yet as while it feels amazing on the skin, I think it may be a bit rich for my combination skin until the weather turns a bit cooler. I did however use it as a facial aftersun during my holidays and felt my skin benefited.

However the purpose of this review is to share my thoughts on another Omorovicza product, the Firming Body Oil. I'm about 2/3 of the way through my bottle and already thinking about stocking up again - after an unsure start I'm really starting to see / feel the benefits and have become quite hooked.

It comes in a simple glass bottle and has a subtle, reassuring, almost aromatherapeutic scent. It doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy or feel like it's sitting on the skin surface. I wouldn't say it's the most moisturising of oils - I actually find myself using quite a lot of it to be able to fully cover my body (I apply to damp skin and then usually then lock it in with a layer of Kiehl's Creme de Corps which also makes it easier to spread over the skin). However I really think it has improved the condition of my skin. I've been using it 2 or 3 times a week for a few months and (bold claims coming up!) my skin looks firmer, healthier and more toned. It is also incredibly soft for a couple of days after use and feels much more nourished. I find it really comforting to apply - and, it doesn't break me out around the chest (problem area). Yes, I'm a fan!

I would 100% buy this again, though I do also have my eye on the Dior Svelte Body Beautifying and Toning Oil and will be interested to see how the two compare. I'd also like to try the gold shimmer version of the Omorovicza oil whilst I still have a bit of summer colour.

Overall, if you're looking for a body oil that delivers firming / toning benefits as well as moisture  you could do worse than check this out. According to the website it can also be used to give hair a bit of a sheen though I haven't yet tried that.

£46 for 100ml.