2 December 2010

Dior Vernis - Aztec Chocolate

Mmmmmm! Dior is starting to dominate my nail polish collection somewhat but when they come out with beauties such as this I'm kind of powerless to resist.

Aztec Chocolate is so stunning and oddly wintry. It's kind of a medium brown with beautiful cool shimmer, not too obvious until you catch it under the right light and then.. wow! As you can see from the photos it does appear slightly purple in some light but in natural daylight it just appears brown.

Excessive number of pics coming up...

Dior has changed it's polish brushes and I did find application a bit trickier than usual, but not for long. I may be imagining it but the consistency also seems slightly thicker.. perhaps not, but application is still good and no chips at the end of day one despite some nail unfriendly activities such as food shopping, washing up and buying a Christmas tree!

There are a few more Dior polishes I like the look of at the moment - next on my list is Czarina Gold, a brown/black with gold shimmer, which I hadn't been that interested in until I heard someone else lemming  it (thanks Vex in the City!) and now predictably I NEED it! I also love the look of Bond Street, a blue-grey I first saw on British Beauty Blogger and which is on sale exclusively at Selfridges.

I also purchased a hot pink Serum de Rouge, Diorskin Nude Concealer and Diorshow Mascara, which I hope to review shortly. Anything from Dior caught your eye of late?