29 September 2010

Face of the Day - Attempt at recreating Estee Lauder ad

I was struck by an Estee Lauder advert in a recent magazine, and decided to have a go at creating the look myself.

Although the make up looks a little mature, or perhaps even a little 90s (that lip screams MAC Spice to me!) something about it really appealed to me - perhaps more to do with the perfect features of the model.

Sorry about the crinkled page..!

Anyway here's my effort - excuse the black maribou but was going to make this a new picture for my blog and twitter and wanted something glamourous!

I'm sure I'm setting myself up for some derision by attempting to emulate a supermodel but I promise you it's about trying to emulate the make up and not trying to make myself look like Hillary Rhoda. That would take a time-travel capsule and an excellent plastic surgeon.

Products used (ironically none by Estee Lauder, as I don't own any!):

Diorskin Nude Foundation 023
Benefit Georgia powder (all over face)
Lancome Star Bronzer (contouring - clearly a lot more bronzer / fake tan needed as well!)
Dior eyebrow pencil (I didn't attempt to replicate the brow shape - not too keen on that!)
Clinique touch tint in (all over lid and browbone)
MAC Shroom eyeshadow (all over lid and browbone)
Lancome eyeshadow in Vent de Sable (outer corners of eye)
Paula Dorf Eye Colour Glimmer in Sea Cruz (to line upper lids)
Lancome Blush Subtil in Highlighting Beige (inner corner of eye)
Illamasqua Vow eye pencil (inner rims)
Model Co mascara in Brown (outer lashes)
Shiseido accentuating colour stick in Glistening Flush (bridge of nose and cupids bow)
Nivea lip balm
Dior lip pencil in Linen
Korres Guava lip butter (centre of lips)

This is a lot more make up than I would normally wear (and I almost NEVER wear lipliner!) but I liked the quite polished result. Can't help but feel it was a little ageing though.

Do you ever try and copy the make up from beauty ads? What are some of your favourite beauty campaigns at the moment? Personally I've loved everything YSL have done for the past few seasons, may do a separate post on that. Also loving the Ralph Lauren ads at the moment, which feature incredibly groomed, fresh and natural looking models.

Amina x


  1. Wow! I think you look stunning. Really love this look on you. I don't think it's ageing - but perhaps "mature" is the right word. Anyway, I am a fan.

  2. Hi there, your skin looks so perfect and the look is really polished great copy. I have tried to copy looks before but it is difficult sometimes due to the models features etc. xx

  3. Hi Nicoletta. thanks - it is difficult, especially without the wonders of photoshop! i'm going to try another one soon though as it's a fun exercise and gets me using products in my collection i dont use very often.
    Amina x