13 September 2010

Neil George Indian Gooseberry Hair Treatment Oil - LOVE!

I received a sample of this when I placed an order at Beauty Expert recently.  Previously I wasn't too sure about the idea of using oil on my fine hair, however last time I had my hair cut at Eleven in London, my colourist Jason used Moroccan oil on my hair before blow drying it which resulted in a beautifully silky finish, so I thought I'd give this one a go too.

I applied the Gooseberry oil after washing and conditioning my hair using my usual Kiehl's Sunflower shampoo and Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner, whilst my hair was still soaking wet. The first thing I noticed was the smell - divine! It's sweet and faintly tropical - in fact I'd love a perfume scented like this, albeit only in the summer.

You're meant to smooth the oil on to the lengths of hair but avoiding the roots. Rather than towel drying I then clipped my hair up and let it dry that way as I wanted to see what the effects of the oil were without any interference.

In the morning, I was astounded at the softness of my hair, the curl definition, and lack of frizz. I'd been worried that the oil would weigh my hair down and leave it limp, but it was exactly the opposite. It was bouncy and healthy looking.

hair morning after application - trust me this is a good hair day for me!

I tried it again a few nights later and the results were slightly different, but this time I put my hair in a towel afterwards instead of letting it dry naturally. I think due to the towel, the curls weren't quite so defined the next day but my hair was still gorgeously glossy, silky and shiny. I felt like my hair colour had been enhanced too - my 9 week old highlights seemed revitalised. I decided to straighten my hair a bit with my GHDs, and they also seemed to work much more effectively than usual, plus my hair definitely looked silkier and again the colour enhanced.

I actually took this pic for a post on MAC paint pots but you can just about see the hair

According to the Neil George website it is thought the benefits of Indian Gooseberry include "promoting healthier hair, stimulating hair growth, nourishing and moisturizing the hair and scalp, supporting and strengthening hair follicles resulting in less thinning of the hair, maintaining youthful and lustrous hair color, and preventing premature graying." 

Even if these claims can't easily be substantiated, I'm not exaggerating to say that this is just about the ONLY product I've ever tried that has done anything positive for my curly hair, and I love the fact that it will also work when I straighten. I also think this will be a gorgeous thing to take on holiday to smooth into sun or sea damaged tresses as well. It's expensive, but I will certainly be investing, especially as I've now squeezed just about every last drop out of my sample.

£34 for 118ml at Beauty Expert.

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