24 September 2010

Dior Addict lipstick - Beige Negligee and Coral Lace

I purchased these two lipsticks in the summer on a whim, when I was going through a peach phase. I already have one Addict lipstick, in Pinstripe plum, which was the first review on my blog a while back. I found that quite difficult to work with, basically as it is a very deep, dark colour, which requires more careful application of some of the lighter peaches and pinks. Overall though I adore these lipsticks.

Beige Negligee (l) and Coral Lace

Coral Lace (top) and Beige Negligee

The consistency of the Addict lipsticks is heavenly. They are soft, creamy, moisturising and have a really luxe feel. They gives a lovely soft and plump finish to the lips, as if you've applied a clear balm over the top. Lasting power is decent.

Coral Lace is definitely my favourite of the two. The colour I would describe as a dark peach, or a muted coral. It's kind of retro, yet something about this shade feels quite contemporary.

I like Beige Negligee too, but find myself reaching for it much less than Coral Lace. Beige Negligee has quite a lot of shimmer (it's verging into frost territory) and I'd say more pink in it than Coral Lace. This for me is a lovely summer lipstick, but doesn't feel quite right now we're heading into colder months.


You can see great swatches of most of the Addict range over at Karla Sugar (there are 3 sets of swatches, the link is to the first set only).