5 September 2010

Rimmel Lycra Pro nail polish - Coral Romance (317)

Pleasantly surprised by this budget polish - this is one of the most vibrant red-coral shades I've seen in a long time.

The consistency was great and it went on easily - however I only applied two coats and as you can see it really would have taken three to get complete opacity. It lasted quite well before chipping - well, about a day or so, which is quite good in my book! The fat brush made application quite easy too.

This is kind of similar to Revlon's Red Hot Tamale which I reviewed here, though the Revlon formula is far superior, and I must confess the make up snob in me has an irrational dislike of cheap nail polish however decent it may be or how nice the colour. For me make up is about luxury, pampering and things that look pretty on my dressing table, so I have to admit that 'drugstore' make up doesn't usually cut the mustard!

However if anyone who is less of a make up snob than me is looking for a vibrant coral, you'd be hard pushed to find a better budget buy than this!

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  1. Seen this in a few blogs, looks like a great colour!