12 September 2010

Margaret Dabbs foot spa launching at Liberty

Flicking through a Liberty magazine that arrived with this month's copy of Vogue I was interested to read that renowned podiatrist Margaret Dabbs is opening a new foot clinic, Sole Spa, at Liberty in London.

For those who don't know, Margaret Dabbs is behind the original 'medi pedi'; a pedicure in which any problems with the feet such as calluses, corns etc are treated along with the usually buffing and general beautifying (as I understand actual polishing is not included in these pedicures, but this can be done separately at Margaret's clinic in west London, along with regular pedicures).

I've lost count of the amount of times I've seen beauty editors, glossy magazines and, more importantly, my fellow beauty bloggers raving about the medi pedi and have been meaning to try it myself for some time. I am taking part in the Great North Run next weekend and I'm thinking that after that will be the perfect time to lavish some attention on my tootsies (fingers, or should that be toes crossed that my toenails will not have turned black and fallen off by then - apparently very common among distance runners!).

The Sole Spa will include a 'halo therapy room' (whatever that is), medi pedis using oxygen therapy, and even reflexology. The Spa will also include an aquatic therapy space where you can partake in the famous fish pedicure.

Another reason to spend time in Liberty, as if we needed one!

Opens November 2010.

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