16 October 2010

Shiseido - Sheer Gloss lipstick in Honey Tea

Shiseido Sheer Gloss lipstick in Honey Tea was a cult product a few years back. It was one of my first high end beauty purchases (and few repurchases) and one that marked my transition from mildly-interested-in-make-up to make-up-obsessed.

Honey Tea is kind of similar to Clinique's Black Honey - it's a berry colour that works with rather than against your natural lip colour, and that you can build up or keep quite sheer - but I see more brown in it than Black Honey. It adds polish to the lips but the glossy finish keeps it quite natural and sexy - I like to wear it without blush and my eyes defined with a bit of brown eyeliner or shadow. The formula is lovely - moisturising and glossy with decent lasting power. What you get on the lips is basically the colour you see in the tube.

I was surprised to read online whilst writing this review that this product has been discontinued, but as I'd already taken the pictures for this review I thought I'd post it anyway as kind of a cult classic retrospective - though you can still buy the shade from various websites online. I think the sheer gloss lipsticks have been replaced with the Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer line, though I haven't tried this line and it seems to have quite a limited colour range.

Does anyone remember, or still have and wear, Honey Tea?


  1. Oh yes, I still have it (it's just a stub by now really) and I cherish it! It is such a universally flattering colour and on my lips it actually leaves a bit of a stain as it fades throughout the day.
    I shall really, really miss it when it's finally gone...
    Have a very nice weekend!

  2. there must be a dupe out there - but i'm not sure what it is!