20 February 2012

Essie Topless and Barefoot nail polish

I must apologise for the awful application in these pictures. Unfortunately these creamy opaques are probably the least forgiving on the nail if not applied perfectly, and I found the consistency of this one hard to work with (gloopy, thick, reminds me of some of the older Essie's I own which almost put me off this brand for good..). So not one of my better manicures, but as I'd done it I thought I'd share as I don't think I'll be in a hurry to return to this shade.

Topless and Barefoot looks very pretty in the bottle - a creamy nude with a hint of pink shimmer. I'm not sure how I like it on my nails - perhaps with a better application (and some nice summery weather!) I'd view it a bit more favourably. In some lights, it looks like a good nude match for my skin. Outdoors however, I can see more of the pink and a hint of mink that seems to clash with my yellow skin.

I think the only time I'd wear this would be in the summer, as a pedicure shade, applied by a professional, with a tanned foot. And any nail polish that has to come with four caveats is in my opinion more trouble than it's worth.

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