19 February 2012

Essential measures #9 John Lewis Glass Nail File

I've always hated the scratchiness of emery boards so glass files are a bit of a godsend, but since discovering this jumbo sized glass file from John Lewis it is all I will use on my nails. I've tried the All for Eve and Leighton Denny smaller glass files, which are fine, but I find the longer length and thicker width of this file (its 15 x 2cm) makes it easier to manoeuvre and therefore easier to achieve the desired nail shape.

I'm not sure that there's any evidence to back this up, but I do feel that glass files are kinder to my nails than emery boards - the filing process feels a lot smoother and I think my nails split less. Plus they are super effective - it takes me no time to get the length I want.

The files last a long time too - I've had mine for a good few months and use roughly once a week and its still going strong - in fact I'm not sure that glass nail files actually wear down at all, so although a bit pricey I think they are a worthwhile investment (just make sure you don't step on yours like I did my first one - the one bad thing about the John Lewis file is that it comes in a flimsy case that does nothing other than protect the file from scratches).

Do you prefer a glass file or a traditional emery board?

The glass file is available from John Lewis* and costs £12.25.

*For non-UK readers, John Lewis is a large British department store.

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  1. Thanks for the comment, the glass file sounds fab. I'm still using traditional emery boards lol. :)