18 February 2012

Nars Luster blush

Nars Luster is an interesting one - is it a blush? Is it a highlighter? On me its somewhere between the two. The colour is quite intense on - more-so than it looks in the pan. It is very pretty though and quite unique.

Nars describes Luster as a sheer golden apricot. I kind of agree with this but I don't actually find it that sheer compared to Nars matt blushers. I definitely find Nars shimmer blushers less easy to blend than their matt counterparts too.

I'm wearing Luster with Nars Barbarella lipstick in these shots.

I think I just need to figure out the best way to wear this blusher and would like to try it in the summer, over a tinted moisturiser and a bronzer. I do like it and am glad its in my collection but I don't find myself reaching for it very often at the moment - I'm sure that will change come spring / summer.

Do you have Luster? How do you wear it?


  1. I was playing with Luster the other day at Sephora I liked it but not enough to purchase... but I think next time I'm by I'll have to pick up Douceur... I can't shake that color from my mind :)

  2. hmm, i am on the fence with douceur. i find it a little bit chalky. i'm hoping to do a proper post on it soon as the pictures weren't very good in my last one! torrid is next on my nars hitlist!

  3. Luster looks gorgeous on you!

  4. thank you - am looking forward to wearing a bit more now the weather's a bit warmer! x