5 March 2012

Essie California Coral

Wow, this is a really vibrant shade (almost neon) and it seems to be a different colour every time I look at it on my fingertips. Yesterday, in sunlight, it was an orange-leaning coral. In artificial light, it looks more pinky. But on this fantastically dull and grey Sunday in London it looks like a coral-red.

Whatever, I really like it, though I have to say it's quite thin. This was two coats and nail tip is still visible as you can see on a couple of the shots.

If you're wondering what I'm clutching in place of a nail polish bottle, it's the head of my beloved Anglepoise lamp - empty hand shots look too weird!

I picked this colour for a manicure at Spa Nails, Whitecross Street (near Old Street in London). The manicure cost £12 and I think they did a decent job, though there is a bit of day 3 chippage (I should have sealed the ends with topcoat myself I think). Although I don't own this colour myself, I would certainly pick California Coral again as manicure and definitely a pedicure colour when the weather is a bit sunnier.

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