13 July 2010

Vogue subscription offer (and magazine musings)

I buy a hell of a lot of magazines. Very few are off limits for me; I have even in my time been known to purchase Easy Living (actually quite a good read), though I think I need a few more years under my belt before I graduate to Woman's Own and Good Housekeeping.

Those I buy with regularity include Elle Decor (the covers always win me over - though I'm not so keen on Elle magazine), Red (a good mix of fashion, food and life stuff), Harpers Bazaar (I like the writing in this and the photography), Look (a good trashy read but actually the fashion and beauty pages are quite good) and, of course, Vogue. I also have a subscription to Living Etc which my boyfriend bought me when we were doing up our house, which although I read I find the way its written quite irritating, and the contents not hugely inspiring.

I don't normally pay much attention to subscriber offers, as I prefer to pick up random mags, when out and about. Most of my mag 'hauls' take place in WHS Smiths in Euston or Victoria whilst waiting for a train up north. Magazines are not great all the time, most of them have dud issues with not much in them (In Style is particularly bad for this I find!) and so I like to pick and choose when I buy them.

However all that changed when, flicking through this months Vogue, (cover price £4), I noticed their current subscriber offer. £19.99 for ten issues (so half price - less than £2 an issue!), then £19.50 for six issues after = £3.25 an issue. Still a lot cheaper than full price. But that's not all - the thing that caught my eye is that there is currently a free gift with subscription - a bottle of Aromatherapy Associates Revive Bath and Shower Oil - RRP £34.75.

pic: Google images

This has been added to my shopping basket on Beauty Expert on several occasions (I'm a sucker for anything oily and anything turquoise!), but the price has put me off. I was naturally thrilled, then, when I saw this offer, and ten minutes ago I had an email from Vogue confirming my subscription. I'm already dreaming about my first bath with tealights, a glass of wine perhaps and this oil... and I also now plan to start a little Vogue collection, a la Carrie Bradshaw, in my living room. They do look so chic stacked on top of one another - just the thing for our new bookshelves.

If this offer has tempted you as well, you can subscribe to Vogue here. Looking through my magazines, I realised that I have every issue of Elle Decor from this year, so I've also placed a subscription for that. No free gift sadly but only £22.80 for 12 issues (£1.90 instead of £3.80 per copy) then 25% off cover price. Seems like a no-brainer really.

Do you subscribe to any magazines?


  1. I don't subscribe to amy mags but I have that oil (it's almost finished) and I love it. It smells like a pack of Lockets but really invigorates me first thing in the morning as I inhale it deeply whilst rubbing it over my chest and arms before showering.

  2. Sounds just what i need! x

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  4. I am on the brink of subscribing to Red, love it. that offer looks great x
    ps i havent forgotten your prize for your gingham rabbit (just been soo busy) but will be posting this week along with the prize for my latest giveaway mwah xx

  5. no problem smaira! i've been manic too no time for blogging sadly!

  6. I subscribe to Zest, Women's Fitness and Health and Fitness. However I often find I don't have the time to read them all and when I do it seems that they basically all say the same thing, just in different months, so am going to cancel at least one of these subscriptions shortly! I tend not to subscribe to beauty magazines as I am already having trouble keeping up with the ones mentioned above and also I have a good supply from my desk buddies!