5 July 2010

Blink Brow Bar, Fenwick, New Bond Street

£17. There, I've said it. It's out in the open. I spent £17 getting my eyebrows threaded. What can I say? It was a Saturday afternoon, I needed them done as a matter of urgency, I was in the West End and I plumped for Fenwick as I figured it would be less busy than any of the big department stores on Oxford Street. It was that or follow the man that loiters round Oxford Circus with the big yellow sign advertising threading, waxing and other grooming services.

Blink Brow Bar in Fenwick is located in the beauty hall. It's efficiently run with four or five threaders working at once. You can book in advance (even on line) or just turn up and if they're busy they can put you on a waiting list. On a Saturday afternoon I had a reasonable 15 minute wait, which unsurprisingly I was easily able to while away in the beauty hall (I now have two E. Coudray perfumes on my beauty wishlist)/

I was very pleased with the results. It was the least painful threading experience I've had, and the results were fantastic. My straggly, uneven brows were transformed, with my threader even managing to get the really short hairs (snapping a few threads in the process!). So overall, brilliant, and a nice browbone massage at the end too, but I'm just not sure the experience justified the £17 charge - it just seems extortionate to me, especially considering it only takes about five minutes and the results of threading are actually relatively short-lived.

Having said that, if I was desperate, I would probably go back again, as at least I'd be confident of getting good results.

What do you guys think - am I crazy? Where do you get your brows threaded and how much do you pay??

Blink Brow Bars are located in several department stores in London and across the UK - see http://www.blinkbrowbar.com/ for details.


  1. I get my brows done at Blink at i think it's totally worth it! My brows have never been in better shape!

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