13 July 2010

Strange Beautiful / Library of Colour - Beautiful polishes (anyone tried them?)

I first heard about Strange Beautiful whilst reading Nailed Up - a great polish blog if you don't already follow it, with fantastically clear photos..

I absolutely adore the first two polishes in this post - so my kind of colours - though less keen on the Chartreuse admittedly. Having never heard of this brand, I did a bit of research online and found that Strange Beautiful is stocked in Liberty (though unfortunately they are all out of stock at the moment.)

The polishes are not sold separately but in collections of 8 polishes - at less than £6 a polish that's potentially pretty good value. I haven't tried one yet so I can't comment on the quality but from the swatches on Nailed Up it looks pretty decent. According to the Liberty website, "Each polish has been developed and evaluated with an artist’s eye producing hues that are deeply and richly saturated throughout."

I particularly love Volume 3 - such beautiful autumnal colours. Might have to do some further investigations and find out when they'll be back in stock!

Has anyone had any experience with this brand? By the way I'm not even sure whether the brand or the collection is called Strange Beautiful. I think maybe the collection is Strange Beautiful and the brand Library of Colour. Google not much help - can anyone shed some light??


  1. Amima,
    Thanks for the mention.
    Here's a link for the official company site:
    The brand is StrangeBeautiful and the Library of Color refers to the lucite case of 8 polishes. There are four different Library of Color "Volumes" out so far.

  2. Thanks for the clarification!

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