7 July 2010

Essential measures #4 Dove Hair Minimising Roll-on Deodorant

Continuing my Essentials series with an absolute must-have for the underams - Dove Hair Minimising Roll-on Deodorant.

In the past I've experimented with various products that claim to slow down body hair growth - most of them moisturisers. I've never stuck with them long enough to determine whether they actually make a difference - particularly as I'm quite fussy about which moisturisers I use. I wouldn't use a hair-minimising moisturiser on my arms for example, only my legs, and then it becomes a complete pain to use two moisturisers on your body. So I haven't had much success with hair minimising creams for these reason.

Hair minimising deodorant is a simple but genius idea. After all, whereas some of us might happily go without moisturising our bodies, few of us (hopefully) are likely to go without deodorant. And few of us (again, hopefully) like underarm hair. A deodorant that minimises underarm hair? Masterstroke.

But does it minimise underarm hair? As you've probably guessed from the fact that it's found it's way into my own beauty hall of fame, yes it does. Not only that, but it's also a very effective deodorant. After a few weeks use, I noticed my underarm hair was finer, could be shaved more easily and grew back slower. Waxing seems to last much longer too. I am a body hair aficionado. Trust me, this stuff works, and until I can afford to have my underarms laser treated, this will remain one of my must have beauty items (and even after laser treatment I'd probably still use it to keep them as smooth as possible!).

The hair minimising deodorant is a bit more expensive than regular deodorants - it retails at £2.44 full price in Boots, but they often have offers on (and you can sometimes pick it up in cheapo stores such as Wilkinsons at a reduced price). There is in fact a buy two for £3 offer on www.boots.com at the mo though sadly not in my local Boots store. It also comes in two scents - Wild Rose and Nature Fresh. Both are fine.

Please note I have only tried the roll on version of this deodorant and not the anti-perspirant spray.

PS I've just noticed - deodorant - de-odour. The things you learn.

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