19 May 2010

Spring Ins

In the absence of having any time to do proper product reviews at the mo (well also the fact that after 8 hours at a computer sometimes I just can't face my laptop when I get home!) I thought I'd sneak a quick post of my current Ins* in to my lunch break.

I'm obsessed with polish at the moment. I've just ordered my first two Ciate polishes from ABC Beauty - Superficial, a beautiful dark teal and Dangerous Affair, a medium red. I had to buy them after seeing these beautiful swatches http://nihrida.blogspot.com/2009/07/ciate-nail-polish.html

I've never tried Ciate polishes before so fingers crossed!!

I'm also going to give my Illamasqua 'Muse', a medium cream teal, another go. I tried it once and didn't like it but I'm feeling the blues at the moment  - I desperately want this new Essie shade Lapis of Luxury, heavenly!!

I'm also very much in to corals and reds at the mo, have purchased the very vibrant Red Hot Tamale and Cherries in the Snow by Revlon - swatches soon I promise!

I have foolishly entered the Great North Run this year and will be running for the MS Society, a charity v close to my heart. So far training has been... patchy... but now that spring is in the air I'm hoping I'll be inspired to get out a bit more. Any runners out there care to share some tips???

Avene Eau Thermale spring water spray
I am absolutely loving this facial spray which can be picked up for a reasonable price in Boots. I spritz it on instead of moisturiser, and apply my Kiehl's tinted moisturiser on top. It applies so much better and my skin looks dewy all day. I think it also helps my make up stay a bit longer too.

IPL Laser hair removal
I've had my second session of this now and I'm so glad I took the plunge and went ahead with this (my poor credit card might not be so thrilled!). The results are amazing already - after just two sessions (the therapist says it usually takes 8 - 10 for complete results) I can go far longer without shaving and my legs feel so much softer, none of that horrid stubble - this morning I actually thought I had oil on my legs. Never before have I had soft smooth legs (even after waxing) and I'm loving it, so much so I'm actually looking forward to my next treatment! The only downside is if you tan you have to wait for the tan to fade before you can have a treatment (I think it's because it works best on pale skin, possibly something to do with patchiness, must ask my therapist next time!)... anyway I'm off to Mexico in a couple of weeks so sadly I'll have to wait a few more weeks til my next session (or slather my legs with Factor 50 for two weeks - NOT an option!!).

Nars Amour blush
I'm going to do a separate post on this as I'm loving its glorious spring (matt) peachiness. I'm wearing this every day at the mo, a first for me!

*This was going to be an ins and outs post but I ran OUT of time (sorry!). So just my ins, much nicer anyway. If I did have time to do an out list though those pesky greenflies that seem to be plaguing me every time I step outside would definitely be top of it!!


  1. I just ordered a couple of polishes from Ciate as well - love them - the Summer Collection is called festival fever and i will be taking them to Glasto with me this year for sure. I ordered from their website direct www.ciate.co.uk