24 May 2010

Korres Walnut and Coconut Face and Body suntan oil SPF 4

Okay, I know, SPF 4!! Why even bother I hear you ask?? So I should start with a disclaimer that I would only recommend this product for those with darker skintones used to the sun. I should also add that that is not me but this product smells so DIVINE I couldn't resist trying it out yesterday (prob the hottest day so far this year in the UK) on my legs which never seem to tan anyway (I was sensible and used factor 20 everywhere else).

I was really impressed, it's a spray pump so easy and fairly unmessy (for an oil!) to apply, and it gave my legs a nice glowy sheen. And actually, despite the low SPF, they didn't burn after a day's hard labour in the garden. But the smell is definitely the best thing about this - coconutty, summery, like a holiday in a bottle! I can see myself actually using this as a summer moisturiser as well as a sunscreen, though I'd be wary about using it on my chest and back as it's quite thick and that is the last place I want breakouts in the summer! Also it says it's suitable for face - again I probably wouldn't use it for that purpose as I always use a higher spf on my face and again I don't think I'd use an oil this thick on my face for fear of breakouts (and looking incredibly greasy!) - for legs and arms however, it's perfecto!

I picked this up for a bargainous £4 in TK Maxx - it retails for £12 full price in Harvey Nicks so if you like the look of it get yourself down to 'the Maxx' pronto. They also had a few other bits of Korres suncare on offer.


  1. Imagine that I'm making a disapproving face right now ;)

    I used to love the smell of Ambre Solaire, takes me back to being a kid, my Ma used to baste herself in it.

  2. he he, i know it's a bit naughty but seriously gorgeous smelling!

  3. Which branch did you buy it from? I have one similar which is SPF10 - smells amazing!! Best thing I've smelt all year!!

  4. It was the Bromley branch. a few weeks ago now x

  5. Oh too far for me to make the trek and it not be there. My local one never has any decent beauty stuff in ir. I'll have a quick look this evening just in case though. Thanks.