6 May 2010

Essie - Buy Me a Cameo nail polish (blah)

Very pretty in the bottle, but usual nightmare to apply and streaky finish as shown below, though admittedly I did have some manicure oil residue on my hands which may have caused a bit of bubbling. The colour was a bit sheerer than I'd hoped too (pictured with two coats).

I think I'm just going to have to accept that as much as I love the colours (I also adore the simplicity of the bottles) me and the Essie formula just do not get along. And yet perversely I already have my eye on the new resort collection which just looks divine, so no doubt you'll be seeing more photos of dodgily applied Essie polish and hearing more of my moaning in a couple of weeks time!

Anyone else have difficulties with the Essie formula?

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