6 May 2010

Bloom nail polish - Claudia

I fell in love with this Bloom nail polish when I saw it in Superdrug - slightly underwhelmed on application - it's a nice colour and the consistency is actually quite good but the colour is just not doing a lot for me. I can usually tell how much I love a nail polish by the number of times I steal glances at my fingertips. Pretty though this colour is, for some reason it is way down on the glance-o-meter. I do normally tend to wear reds and browns as oppose to pink polishes, I think perhaps this is just not quite right for my yellow toned skin (the Bloom website describes this colour as 'carmine').

Sorry about the smudged middle finger!

I don't know much about Bloom other than that it's an Aussie brand and I've only seen it for sale in Superdrug in the UK (and online). I also have one of their lipsticks in Babe, a deep pinky red which I love.

Although not enamoured with this colour, I'd probably check out some different shades by Bloom as it applied well and was quite reasonably priced at around £8.

Anyone got any Bloom items in their collection?

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