12 April 2010

Ruby & Millie nail polish in Brown 920c (my signature shade!)

I apologise if it's a little pretentious to have my own 'signature shade' of nail polish, but I've been wearing it regularly for at least ten years and I've never seen anyone else wearing this, nor have I ever seen it on any blogs or in magazines, so I think if anything in my stash warrants signature status this is probably it!

Back in the day, a very good friend purchased this polish for me as a birthday present, so it also has special meaning for me. In the mid 90s, wearing brown on the nails was pretty radical I think - well, it was for me anyway. But once I'd tried it, it was love at first sight.

The colour is basically just a delicious dark brown, like coffee beans. No sparkles, no colour changing in the light. It's beauty is in its sheer simplicity. On the nails it looks chic and understated, and in over a decade of wear I haven't found any other browns I like as much as this.

It's also a good consistency, easy to apply, and completely opaque after two coats. Lasting power is decent (I always think the top and base coat influence lasting power more than the polish itself - in the pics I'm using Nails Inc which gives a gorgeous gloss but mediocre protection).

I just couldn't get a picture that does this colour justice (though the Sainsburies car park pic above does show a little more of the exact shade of brown).

All I can say is if you love browns as I do, I'd really recommend checking it out for yourself. Just don't claim it as your signature shade!

Retails for £9.50 for 9ml in Boots. NB This shade wasn't available on the Boots website last time I checked but I have seen it in my local store recently.


  1. That looks much nicer on your nails than it does in the bottle.

  2. That's a great colour. Didn't think that I would like it, but I do!!! :)