29 March 2010

More Becca goodies on their way!

Just had to post about my latest 'splurge' (I'm afraid I just can't be doing with the word 'haul', though splurge isn't much better is it?!) as I'm really excited! I blogged recently about my newfound love for Becca, and was about to place a very large (and costly!) order on Beauty Expert when I did a quick search and found a site called Beauty Bay doing some Becca products half price - and as luck would have it, quite a few of the ones I wanted were on there!

I've purchased:

Creme blush in Byzantine
I already have the creme blush in Turkish Rose which is fast becoming the only thing I'll put on my cheeks, but this looks like a gorgeous colour for summer.

Eye Colour Powder Shimmer in Shantung
London Make up Girl recommended this as a colour for warmer skintones on her blog so I thought I'd check it out - I'm a sucker for a browny gold eye and this looks divine.

Glossy Lip Tint in Champagne
I'm not really one for lipgloss but I like it now and again and this gets 100% good reviews on MUA so I thought I'd give it a go.

Pressed Shimmer Powder in Odette
There seems to be a summery theme going on here - again this powder looks divine and gets great reviews - somewhere between a blusher, bronzer and highlighter I think.

Loose Shimmer Powder in Princess
It was between Princess and Mermaid and I opted for Princess as it's a pinky gold that can be used as a blush or highlighter, and I don't have any colours like that. Again I think this will be a v pretty spring / summer colour.. but I might have to go back for Mermaid if I like Princess as it sounds quite intriguing.
I placed my order on a Sunday evening and it was despatched today, plus free delivery, so I'm impressed with Beauty Bay (http://www.beautybay.com/) so far. Will report back when the good(ie)s arrive!
Still on my Becca wishlist:

Sheer lip tint in Vendela, Alina and Milla
Creme blush in Frangipani, Wild Orchid and Hyacinth
I'm also interested in the Beach Tint in Raspberry but I still have my MAC gel stain in Subtropical (now discontinued) which is a very similar colour and I just can't imagine that Beach Tint could better it - it's amazing.
Anyone tried any of these products or recommend any other Becca products?


  1. Because of your post and some Becca products I was sent to test recently, I ordered a few more things off Beauty Bay, they're discontinuing BECCA off their site, hence the cheaper prices. I really want Byzantine and Odette pressed powder so am pissed I missed those - Odette loose powder is still avail though.

    Order no 2 will be placed soon! Thanks for the heads up!!

  2. sorry you missed out - to be honest i'm not sure about byzantine - but odette is divine!! (i see they still have the loose powder version though!). i'm going to do a post on them all soon. didn't realise it was being discontinued - might have to place order number 2 as well - anything else you'd recommend?

  3. Check out this post I did on the stuff I tried. I love the texture of the glosses. Oh why is the RRP so pricey? I want it ALL!! Bad choice of word, BECCA's not being discontinued, Beauty Bay just won't be stocking it anymore due to poor sales.


  4. aha! they look gorgeous - i tried to post a comment on that review but couldnt figure out how to. i agree the lipglosses are gorgeous i have champagne and have been wearing it a lot - and i'm not even much of a gloss fan!