24 March 2010

Intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal - eek!!

Just had to share with you all that I've started having IPL treatment on my lower legs! I've had one treatment so far - it takes about 45 minutes to do both half legs - and thankfully the pain is quite bearable. The best way I can think to describe it is like a cross between a mild electric shock and a hot prickle - repeated dozens of times across the area being treated! Like waxing, there are some bits that are more painful than others - I'm thinking of specifically the calf / ankle areas here - ouch! But for me I'm hoping it's going to be worth the time, pain, and (again, ouch) expense!! I've struggled with waxing for years having particularly dark, coarse hair that is visible literally hours after shaving. I finally decided to take the plunge, so I'll update when I've had a couple of sessions. Although I'm starting with the lower legs, if it's successful I plan to move to other areas - finance permitting. I'm attending a clinic in South London and if anyone would like details I'll send them privately.

If you're thinking of having IPL or laser hair removal the following points might be useful:

  • Hair must be kept short (no more than a day or so growth before treatment) and shaved not waxed
  • Treatments can only be adminstered around every five weeks
  • The skin should be treated as sunburned afterwards - so no sun exposure, hot baths etc and no shaving for a day or two
  • Several treatments are usually required for a good result - complete elimination of the hair is not the norm - with hormonal changes such as pregnancy it may grow back. The idea is to drastically reduce hair growth and make it much more manageable - then have top up treatments every so often as and when needed.
Has anyone had laser hair removal themselves? How was it for you?


  1. I'd be interested to know how you got on with this - I am considering my upper lip - do they do areas that small??
    Smaira x

  2. Hi Smaira
    yes, they do anywhere i think! loads of people have it done on upper lip. i've had one session so far and i can honestly say i've noticed a significant difference already. i'm really excited about it - will do another post after i've had another couple of sessions.
    Amina x

  3. I've just had my Brazilian area done yesterday. I found the pain to be 50% less painful than waxing- just kind of felt like an elastic band being flicked on my skin. It took 5 mins and I've had no swelling or pain post laser at all (And I have extremely sensitive skin which struggles with waxing).
    I can't wait to see the results!

  4. yes i didnt find it too painful and the lady said bikini line is less painful than legs! hope it works well for you!

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