20 April 2010

Beauty moments - Scarlett Johansson in Vogue (2009)

This is one of my favourite beauty shots from recent years - Scarlett Johanssen on the cover of Vogue. I adore everything about it - the beautiful auburn hair and the soft curls (kind of my dream hair), the deliciously dark and smoky eyes with the perfectly defined brows, the creamy skin and unexpected matt peachy lip - and don't get me started on that ultra-luxe knit and bangles, which she carries off to perfection in those decadent poses.

This for me is a perfect autumn / winter look - although suprisingly it was from French Vogue last Spring.

I don't think I'd class Scarlett as one of my beauty icons (though maybe this post suggests otherwise!), but I admire the way she can carry off so many different looks (is there any hair colour she hasn't tried??). I have to say, I prefer her dark - I adored this look on her.

But she also looks very feminine and natural with soft blond hair in the new Mango ads.

My least favourite colour on her is probably her highlighted blond to platinum shades, which I think can mask the individuality of her face a bit. But that's just me!

What do you think of these looks?