12 April 2010

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Nail Lacquer in Red Hot - an oldie but a goodie

Just a v quick review of this beautiful bright red I found languishing at the bottom of my nail polish bag. I was first introduced to this colour many years ago when it was part of one of those giant make up sets you can buy for a discounted price when you purchase  a couple of other products - indeed, I think it was that particular box that sparked my beauty obsession! This was at least 15 years ago so this is obviously a long stayer in their collection.

I did this in a bit of a hurry and I'm afraid my application was a bit rubbish - only managed one coat, but it had good coverage with one coat and it's completely opaque with two. In fact, it is an excellent consistency and a dream to apply - even with this bottle which is at least two years old.

 I think the pics show how vibrant and punchy this shade is. It's a gorgeous, true red (I don't think it veers too warm or too cold, nor does it have any pinky or orange undertones).

Once again, apologies for the dreadful application (and messy cuticles!)

Estee Lauder polishes retail for about £12 but you can pick this shade up on eBay or on various discount beauty websites for cheaper. I'm interested in trying out other Lauder polishes, though the range seems pretty limited - anyone have any favourites?


  1. Hi
    I have just been awarded a Sunshine Award and am consequently listing your blog as one of my 12 favourites – have linked to your blog in post..

  2. Thank you so much, Amina. I've searching for swatches of EL Hot Red...now I see it's truly gorgeous, classic red I was searching for!

  3. glad it helped, sorry the swatches aren't great! it is a great red x