29 January 2012

Essie Russian Roulette

This is one of those 'I never need to try another red polish' reds. I don't have a picture of the bottle unfortunately as this was a spur of the moment manicure choice. It's bright and bold and definitely a warmer shade - I think its one of the best reds I've tried for my skintone. 

Can imagine this would be great as a pedicure colour too.

What's your favourite red polish?


  1. I've been using Essie's 'Good To Go' top coat and found it really does make nail colours last longer! Which base and top coats did you use? x

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  3. Hi Victoria
    i can't remember what base and top coats the manicurist used, but i will check out that top coat as I need a new one, thanks!
    Amina x