2 February 2010

Nivea Soothe and Protect - winter lip salvation!

After waxing lyrical in an earlier blog post about how I *never* have dry lips thanks to my ever faithful Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (asking for trouble really), wouldn't you know it, my lips were hit with the most hideous blight of dry, cracked skin I've ever experienced. (This has been a particularly skin-unfriendly British winter hasn't it?). I had a particularly horrible dry patch on the bottom of my lower lip which just would not go away despite me positively submerging it in EHC at regular intervals and which prevented me from wearing any sort of lipstick or gloss.

I was in Oxford Street on a very cold Saturday afternoon and the dry lips were becoming a distraction, so I dove into Boots and emerged with the first thing I could lay my hands on - Nivea Sooth and Protect. I was not expecting miracles, but this cheap as chips stick sorted out my chapping within a couple of days, and relieved my lips straight away.

This comes with me everywhere now. And as it has an SPF 12 will surely be a great companion come summertime too.

And less than £2!!

Elizabeth who???

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