26 February 2010

Blog woes, Beauty Expert and Becca! (and Zuneta)

Hi all, the lack of my digital camera charger (now traced to a hotel in Surrey!) combined with being away last week and ill with tonsillitis most of this week has led to a woeful lack of blogging of late, so apologies for that. I've enjoyed keeping up to date with everyone else's beauty adventures though, and to cheer myself up I today placed my first order on beautyexpert.co.uk as I had a 15% off code after making a purchase from Figleaves (see end).

I bought a few pieces from Becca (a brand which I've never tried before) - the cream blush in Turkish Rose which seems to be a cult shade (I know London Make Up Girl is a fan of this one), eye tint in Vicuna and a sheer lip tint in Estella which I understand to be a pinky nude. I don't usually get on with matt nudes but I like the idea of a sheer one so I'm looking forward to trying that.

Other things in the Becca line I liked the look of were the lipgloss in Bellini, the Beach Tint in the new shade, Raspberry, and another cream blush in Frangipani. Also was tempted by the lip sheer in Milla but I have a lot of sheer berry shades so I passed on that. I might have to go back for a second look next month though as the code is valid til the end of March. Anyone have any other Becca must-haves (or must-avoids?). Incidentally there are some great videos from Zuneta*, which I guess is a rival to Beauty Expert, on You Tube, showing how to apply various Becca products.

I also bought Eve Lom's Rescue Mask which I've been meaning to try for a while and my skin certainly needs rescuing at the min! I was tempted by the Ren Enzymatic Skin Soothing mask which gets great reviews on the site and is £10 cheaper but I've been curious about the Eve Lom for a while so that won.

Less than an hour after I placed the order I received an email saying it had been dispatched, which is surely some sort of a world record! I will blog when I've had a chance to test out (and photograph!) my 'haul'.

The code for 15% off at beautyexpert.co.uk is FIG15 and it's valid until the end of March. Okay it's only intended from those who've purchased from Figleaves but it's already on several of the 'vouchercode' sites so I see no harm in sharing it here!

*Zuneta: I received an email from Zuneta a couple of days ago telling me about a 20% discount code 'Zunelle' but it didn't say when it expires. On two ocassions I've tried to make purchases from the Zuneta website only to receive an error message saying 'please enable cookies in your browser to continue'. Despite disabling virtually all cookies on my laptop I've never been able to actually buy anything, so I've kind of given up on Zuneta for a while as I can't be bothered to look into it at the mo - but hopefully someone else can make use of this!

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  1. Hi - love your Becca picks. The Becca nude lipsticks are really much more wearable than very opaque/flat ones, so I'll be interested to read how you get on. Turkish Rose is a fab natural blush. x