15 February 2010

Begone winter colds - Vicks First Defence (it works!)

I haven't done much blogging over the past few days as I have infuriatingly lost the charger lead for my digital camera (I know, excuses excuses), but I just wanted to do a quick post in case any readers out there are suffering with a winter lurgi of some sort.... please please please try Vicks First Defence.

This stuff works! Anyone who sits near me at work or anyone who complains of a sniffle of any sort will have heard me getting positively evangelical about this stuff. I haven't had a cold for about two years since using this stuff (*3-week chest infection in Nov 09 excluded - and I didn't try the FD on that one) - any sort of sniffle, sore throat or cough, or if I'm in close contact with anyone with a cold, I immediately whip this out and stick it up my nostrils three times a day as directed (just squirt don't inhale!). Whenever I've been even close to developing a cold (we all know the signs), this stuff wipes it out within a day or two, before it even has a chance to develop into that fuzzy head ill feeling.

I know this isn't strictly beauty blogging but then having a red, bunged up nose, cough, dry skin and generally looking rough is not very beauteous is it? So if anyone's suffering out there, please give this a go. I even coerced my sceptical boyfriend into trying this when he came down with a cold a couple of days before Valentine's day... by Sunday he was right as rain and now too has joined my unoffical Vicks First Defence fan club.

Apparently this stuff works by attacking the cold at it's source, removing the virus before it has a chance to develop. Basically it attaches to virus where it is multiplying in your nose and causes irritation that causes you to 'expel' the virus.  I think it also changes the pH of inside your nose to make it less 'germ-friendly'. My bro (who is a doctor) scoffs at the supposed mode of action but for me the proof is in the pudding!... as long as I remain sniffle free, I'll keep using First Defence. It may not be pleasant but it's so much better than getting a cold.

Retails at £5.99 at Boots (and worth every penny!)

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