10 April 2012

YSL Vernis a Levres 06 - Camel Croisiere

Here it is, my first foray into the legendary 'glossy stains' by YSL (official title Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres). I ended up, by mistake, with the shade 06 Camel Croisiere which is to my eye a kind of tomato orange / red as opposed to anything like camel, if indeed the name is referring to camel as a shade. Croisiere apparently means cruise, so camel cruise? Who knows - maybe they're trying to conjure up some sort of desert adventure. In which case I can see where they were going, kind of..

I digress. Either way its a very nice, wearable colour and despite my initial reservations (the shade I actually requested was 07 Corail Aquatique but the make up lady gave me this one by mistake - must remember to check next time) this is really kind of growing on me. I also love the faintly seventies vibe both of this particular shade and of the finish.

And a slightly startled looking shot to demonstrate the lasting power post dinner and wine!

Everything I've read about these is true - they are super long lasting (see last photo), pigmented and fairly true to the colour in the tubes (though they do darken and deepen in intensity with more than one coat - in the above pictures I'm wearing two). They fade to leave a nice stain on the lips and the consistency is great - not too sticky, not too glossy - a happy medium somewhere in between. They do a fantastic job of plumping the lips. And they smell lovely too.

This product is making me love a glossy lip again and I cannot wait to try more colours.


  1. The formula sounds excellent! I've seen quite a few swatches of these over the last few weeks, but the colours I've seen haven't really appealed to me. This looks really pretty, though!

  2. yes i'm not keen on all the colours but no 7 and no 12 Corail Fauve look really nice x

  3. I really want one of these, but I'm having a hard time deciding on the shade to throw my money at :)

  4. Hi Amina,

    I've been avoiding the YSL counter in fear of going over board and buy all of glossy stains, but now I feel compelled to go :)

    I've subscribed to your blog and I hope you'll join me at solonelyingorgeous.blogspot.com


  5. Hi Lucy
    yes i know, i had another look yesterday and think i;m going to opt for number 7, its a great summer shade!

  6. Hi Liz
    its not just the glossy stains i'm afraid of - the cream blushers also look amazing and i love the look of the Rouge Volupte candy lipsticks though by all accounts they are incredibly sheer.

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