9 April 2012

Nars satin lipstick - Niagara

I am so in love with Nars  lipsticks at the moment. Barbarella and Dolce Vita (both sheer lipsticks) are possibly two of my favourite lipsticks of all time (must review them soon) but a few weeks ago I purchased my first of Nars' 'satin' lipsticks, Niagara, a beautiful coral pink.

I have to confess that when writing this review I thought Niagara was one of Nars' sheer lipsticks - I actually find the formula quite similar though there probably is more depth of colour with the satin formula. I do find the satin formula to be very light and easy to apply, like the sheers, and also easy to apply, and while neither are hugely longlasting this isn't an issue for me.

Overall, I love this shade and can't wait to start experimenting with a few different looks - I'm thinking it will look great with bronzed skin in summer and also like it with a soft pink cheek as pictured here.


  1. that shade is gorgeous :)

  2. it's lovely isn't it, so fresh! i now have my eye on the new peach sheer lipstick from Nars Love Devotion..

  3. That is a beautiful shade and it looks really pretty on you! I'm quite a big fan of NARS products, but for some reason, I've never tried any of their lipsticks. I already have a couple on my 'to try' list, and I'll be adding this one, too!

  4. Thank you. i like the look of Pago Pago and Tzigane too which are both new sheer ones I think. x