5 February 2011

Essential measures #7 Batiste dry shampoo

I know I know nothing revolutionary here but actually this has revolutionised my haircare regime! I have very fine curly hair that tends to get oily if I go more than a day without washing. I also like to straighten and curl the layers that frame my face quite regularly with my GHDs - however due to their proximity with my oily skin these are also these bits tend to get even more oily! Batiste is an absolute godsend for those mornings when I haven't got time, or can't be bothered, to wash my hair. Just a couple of sprays (from a good distance, this stuff comes out like a bullet train!) and my hair is soft and oil free (you'll need to brush it through to avoid the talcum powder look). It's also great for when you want to add a bit of volume - I'm quite into a subtle backcomb at the moment and this provides fantastic root-boosting effect. And all this at the fantastically bargainous price of about £2 for 150ml. I know there are other more expensive dry shampoos on the market but when something this cheap is this effective I just don't even see the point of looking elsewhere. Love.

NB Batiste is currently on offer in Superdrug: 3 cans for £3.49, making it even more unbelievably bargainous!


  1. I keep meaning to pick up a can of this. It has quite the cult following.

  2. you should definitely give it a whirl!