30 November 2010

Paul & Joe Eye Colour swatches

Just thought I'd do some quick swatches of my three Paul and Joe eyeshadows. They don't have names - just numbers. Although Paul & Joe have relaunched their eyeshadows (the powder shadow range is now called Self Select) I think you can still find these kicking around various online outlets such as Bohemia  - these were actually purchased from Fenwick in a sale earlier this year so it would be worth keeping an eye out in the January sales too if you like them.

l-r 24 (Centre Stage), 26 (Metro) and 003 (Fortune, from Secret D'Or LE collection)

l-r 26, 24, 3

I love the shimmer shadows (24 and 3) particularly - they're really soft and pigmented. The grey/taupe I tend to use as a liner. As you can see none of them have had much use though - I'm a bit like that with eyeshadows I'm afraid, mainly as I'm clueless as to how to apply! I do find the packaging a bit whimsical - really I prefer the Chanel / Nars school of no nonsense packaging, but they are pretty admittedly.

Anyone tried any of the new Paul & Joe shadows?

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