20 December 2009

Festive feet - Chanel Le Vernis in Coromandel

I bought Coromandel a few months ago being seduced by the vibrant orangey red. I did a manicure with it but was underwhelmed - it just looked a bit in your face somehow - so thought I'd try it as my festive season pedicure colour.

(last pic with flash)

I do like it, but again just not sure. It somehow seems to overwhelm the nail, making it look larger than it is - I cant really explain the effect, Sunday evening, tired, words failing me!

My beautician was very impressed with the texture and pigmentation. For me, it's pretty but not a repurchase. My Christmas pedicure colour last year was Chanel's Barcelona Red and I do absolutely love that shade. I'm also loving at the moment OPI's A oui bit of red which I've blogged about previously and which is a real grower on me.

Any must have red pedi colours?


  1. I must say, I really like the color! It looks like a true red...very pretty. I've never tried any of Chanel's nail polishes...are they worth the (I'm assuming high) price?

  2. Hi! hmm are they worth the price tag?? i think they retail at about £16. it depends what you're looking for - imo chanel polishes are classic, good quality - they come up with some gorgeous colours but not particularly different or out there. i have three chanel polishes in my collection - this, barcelona red and marilyn, but i rarely wear them as i find sometimes i feel too 'done' with them. the ones that get the most use are my OPIs and especially at the moment Essies.. which are half the price.
    sorry for the long winded answer! i do think that the consistency and colour payoff with chanel is v high though, so if there's a colour you love i'd give one a go - personally i have my eye on gondola and forbidden at the mo.