18 December 2009

Essential measures #2 Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask with Red Clay

So this is the second of those rare items in my beauty stash known as 'repurchases'!

This mask never fails to give me glowing, party-ready skin, literally in minutes. The effects seem to last a couple of days too and sometimes my skin looks good enough that I even feel like going without make up after i've used it (well base anyway!).

It comes in a gorgeous pale pink tube which retails at around £50.

From the Sisley website -
In five minutes at the most:

- your skin feels fresh, clean and toned

- your complexion looks matte, luminous and more even

- your face appears rested and regains spectacular radiance
The website also says the mask provides 'gentle cleansing benefits and rids the skins of impurities that can dull and suffocate the complexion'. It is aimed at those with a dull complexion.
I can honestly say that I agree with the three claims above. It really seems to get rid of blotchiness and even out skintone, makes my skin looks and feel really soft and rested, and makes it look glowy and, yes perhaps even radiant for a good couple of days. The mask itself is a pink paste which for some reason I love. It looks very similar in texture and consistency to the Clarins Pure and Radiant mask which also contains red clay (or pink clay), but I've not had great results with the Clarins.
My skin is combination with oily t-zone, but is overall in decent condition. I'd really recommend anyone to give see if they can get a sample of this from their Sisley counter. It's pricey but each application gives me skin almost comparable to having a facial, so I really think the investment is worth it. If I'm heading out for a special occassion, I always apply this mask first - so quick and easy with great results.
I love Sisley products, I really think they work - I had fantastic results from the All Day All Year cream but I simply cannot afford to repurchase it - I got my tube on eBay for about £70 but it costs about £150 upwards in store. I also love the Gentle Facial Buffing Cream which is about £35. When I was using these three products in unison, my skin looked fantastic.
Anyone tried this mask or have any Sisley hero products of their own to share?


  1. I love this mask, and the Flower Express mask for hydrating. I also love the lip balm, and the Creme Reparatrice.

  2. i'm interested in the hydrating mask but as my skin tends towards oily i'm not sure whether it would be suitable - will ask for a sample i think. x