21 October 2009

Christian Dior Vernis Nail Lacquers - Saigon Cinammon (395) and Tonka (717)

Dior Vernis is a recent discovery of mine, and I thought I'd write about a couple of my favourites, as they don't seem to get much coverage on beauty blogs despite in my opinion having some really nice, unusual colours in there, applying very easily and having reasonable lasting power! (I'm starting to think the lasting power of all polishes is much of a muchness and testament more to the skill and technique of the manicurist!)

Saigon Cinammon (above) is a very 'me' colour - I'm really drawn to tans, browns and chocolately colours. I'd actually describe SC is more of a toffee colour - I really haven't seen anything like this in any other collections. It looks extremely classy on the nails - it seems to demand an equally classy outfit - last weekend I teamed this with a pair of khaki-gold velvet trousers and a pretty blouse and felt, like they say in America, a million bucks!

I really love this and it's definitely become one of my staples as it goes well with my skin tone also complements so many make-up looks. I definitely see this as more of an autumn colour, and I'm not sure I'd wear it on toes. I applied it here with Revlon base coat and top coat which gives it a lovely glossy finish. What do you think??

My other favourite and another Dior polish which I feel almost could have been designed for me (ever get that feeling??) is Tonka (717).

It's hard to describe the colour as in some lights the bottle looks like a shimmering purple, in others a kind of

On the nails the colour is just a lovely, subtle glimmering brown - it looks understated but polished. I particularly like Tonka as a pedicure colour.

I just managed to get a couple of photos before the light started to fade today - no top coat on these pics.

These retail at £15 each in Boots.

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