3 October 2014

A tale of three Eve Lom products...

I've recently finished up three Eve Lom products - two eye creams and a serum - and as I only seem to have photographed them all together may as well review them together too.

They are (pictured l-r):
Intense Hydration serum 
Eye Cream
Eye Lift

The Intense Hydration Serum (£75, 30ml) comes in for a bit of criticism in some online reviews due to the relatively small number of ingredients (namely water, glycerin, phenoxyethanol, sodium hyaluronate, panethenol and ethylhexylglycerin) it contains.  I enjoyed using it, my skin felt somehow more comfortable and less stressed with it on, and it felt hydrating. It's very similar in texture to Nubo's Hydrating Lipids Complex - super light and silky, almost more like a hair serum. It applied very easily, I found it suitable for patting around the eyes before eye cream application and it was fine under moisturiser. However I couldn't discern any visible improvements to my skin.

I also liked both the Eye Cream (£48, 20ml) and the Eye Lift (£48, 15ml) but again neither have found their way into my must-haves. Of the two, my favourite is probably the Eye Lift, which comes in a tube with hygienic applicator as opposed to the Eye Cream which comes in a round pot. The Eye Lift, which is recommended for daytime and nightime use, contains retinol and vitamin C, along with hyaluronic acid for hydration. I found it sat comfortably on the skin and provided a good base for under eye concealer. The Eye Cream, also for morning and nighttime use, contains ingredients such as peptides to reduce puffiness, and shea butter and rosehip oil to combat fine lines. It also applied nicely and didn't cause any irritation to my eyes. Apparently it can be layered over the Eye Lift, though I never tried this and don't really like the idea of using more than one product on delicate undereye skin. I used both for around six months and I do think they did a good job defending my eye area against the ravages of new-motherhood-induced sleep deprivation. But again, I didn't notice any difference to my undereye area when using them (I find it so hard to rate eye creams though - they all seem to do a decent job but unlike face masks, oils and creams etc it's much harder to discern any visible improvements to the eye area).

In all, three decent products and I'd consider repurchasing the Eye Lift in the future, but in the meantime I'll keep searching for my holy grail eye treatments and serum (currently trialling Omorovicza's Rose Lifting Serum).  I still adore my Eve Lom cleanser; it's one of my most loved and repurchased beauty products. I'm keen to try out some items from the new make-up range too, particularly the translucent powder that Lisa Eldrige gave a big thumbs up to.

Would love to hear what serums and eye creams you rate...

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