4 September 2013

Rodin Olio Lusso Lip balm

I first bought this lip balm on impulse a year or so ago, when stocking up on items to qualify for the Liberty beauty gwp.

At £23 for a mere 5g of product, I suspected I was paying as much for the sleek packaging as I was for the product itself. But intrigued by claims that the product is a favourite of various supermodels - and by the lack of reviews on the web - I decided to give it a go.

I didn't know anything about Rodin so did a bit of googling - the brand was started by former model Linda Rodin, who, unable to find products suitable for her dry skin, starting creating her own. There were just five products in the range when I purchased this - face, body and hair oils, a body cream, and the lip balm - they now seem to have added perfumes, candles and a travel kit. Each product contains natural, plant-based ingredients (the lip balm includes jasmine, orange and also beeswax and shea butter) - as well as essential oils - marketed as 'Olio lusso' (luxury oil).

The lip balm comes in a pleasingly heavy, clear lucite case and is certainly very pretty to look at. The balm itself is a delicate rose pink shade. The texture is soft and ever so slightly greasy without being sticky, though its kind of hard to get a decent amount onto your finger and then on to the lips.

and on the lips!

The "famous floral scent" I'd read about obviously needs a far more delicate sense of smell than mine to discern - my balm doesn't seem to have any scent at all! It is marketed as a lip treatment rather than a colour - I think it does prettify my lips a little, giving them a delicate pink sheen, but that is about it.

It is meant to be smoothing and moisturising - I don't find it to be either of those things particularly, especially in the winter when my lips seem to constantly cry out for something more heavyweight such as Eight Hour Cream. I actually use this more in the summer when my lips are less dry, just to make them look a bit more polished.

Overall I'm really not sure how I feel about this product, though I did repurchase it recently so it does seem to have wheedled its way into my affections. This has been my first foray into luxury lip balms and I do feel there's a hint of the Emperor's New Clothes about it - it is so subtle it's almost invisible, yet somehow I'm happy to spend money on it. I'll use up my second pot, but I doubt I'll repurchase it as I have a brand new pot of By Terry's Baume de Rose to try next - will be interested to see how the two compare.

Has anyone else tried this balm or any other Rodin products? Despite my mixed feelings on the lip balm, the other products in the range do look rather lovely, especially the facial oil, so there may be more Rodin on the blog in future.

Rodin Lip balm is available from Liberty and Cult Beauty (cheaper at Cult Beauty!).

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