9 January 2011

Sisley Eye Contour mask

Oh Sisley. Just for once I wish you would come out with a product that isn't amazing! I'm trying so hard to curb my beauty spending this year, but alas, having tried a sample of the Eye Contour Mask over Christmas, it is only a matter of time before my bank balance is £70 lighter (and my eye contours are considerably smoother).

My boyfriend received a sample of the Eye Contour Mask when buying me the Radiant Glow Express Mask for Christmas (amazing product - you can read my review of that here). I'd never used an eye mask before, so was intrigued and also a little dubious if I'm honest. I should have known better - this is Sisley, after all.

You apply the mask thickly all around the eye, including the lids and underneath (the 'contour' area if you will). You then leave for ten minutes, and wipe or tissue off without rinsing (I used a cotton wool pad). After that, you apply your normal skincare regimen.

After wiping the mask off, I was a bit bemused. Something was definitely different, but my eye area just seemed to look shinier. Then I smiled, to see if the fine (and less fine) lines under my eyes looked any different. And they'd gone. Not only that, but the whole cheekbone area seemed to have been lifted - the skin there looked tighter and firmer, almost botoxed. I applied my normal skincare afterwards, a touch of undereye concealer afterwards and some eye make up, concerned that it would all look a bit greasy, but I actually think my make up looked better. My eye area looked revitalised.

According to the Sisley website, as well reducing fine lines, puffiness and dark circles the mask also offers protection against free radicals. Personally I'm more than sold on the effects alone. I'm only mildly exaggerating when I say this stuff is like a demi face lift in a tube, and the effects lasted a good couple of days as well. Now if Sisley could only invent something like this for the chin and neck I'd be a very happy girl....

Sisley Eye Contour Mask can currently be bought from Harrods for £64.95 but it seems to retail from between £65 - £95. The tube contains 30ml.


  1. That's quite amazing . Wish their products would't be so highly priced. It's quite a lot for a mask,but if it works, it works. Need to check out this product.

  2. see if you can get a sample from a counter! x