6 January 2010

Kate Moss - magazine covers

One of my favourite features in magazines is those 'style evolution' type articles, e.g. SJP's transition from frizzy, overhighlighted 80s actress with bubblegum pink lips to gorgeous, glowing mum / style icon (personally I loved her straight bob period towards the end of SATC). So I was delighted to find this website showing all, or almost all, of the magazine covers of the uniquely beautiful Kate Moss.


From achingly pretty, slightly gawky teen model to Blondie-esque icon, many of Kate's incarnations over the years can be viewed here, including lots of foreign covers I've never seen before. I have to confess to being quite fascinated by Kate, probably due in no small fact to her elusivity over the years. I remember the first time I heard her speak, during an interview with David Bailey I think, and was amazed and charmed by her soft, girly south London accent. I'm not sure how I expected her to sound, but it wasn't like that!

I've bookmarked this site and plan to peruse it at a more leisurely pace later on, but having had a quick look, these are some of my favourites:




(I remember loving this one at the time too).


  1. She has such an interesting beauty, I find her fascinating to look at.

    I've tagged you on my blog, by the way. x

  2. Me too although I am less keen on the slicked back hair and bare face look she seems to favour nowadays. would love to see her do something quite glamourous for a change.

    Thanks for tag - I've posted a comment