17 November 2009

10 things about me

Okay no-one has tagged me but I'm going to do this anyway as we all like to talk about ourselves really!

1. I live in London but I was born in Scotland and brought up in Northumberland. For me one of the best sights in the world is the view of Newcastle quayside as the train from London crosses over the Tyne into Central Station. Yes I love the north and think Northumberland is one of the most stunning counties in the UK.

2. I never wanted to live in London but moved there after completing my degree as it was the only place I could find a job (I did find my boyfriend of 9 years here too so it was worth it!)

3. I work for a charity, which I really enjoy though I realise I'm never going to make my fortune this way, so....

4. One day, I would like to write a book (maybe more than one!). I have a few ideas in mind but no time to put pen to paper (excuses, excuses!)

5. If I didn't work in the charity sector, and my back up plan of being a multi-million selling author fails, I'd love to be a make up artist or a beautician. I've also always wanted to work on the tills in a clothes shop. Or just operate a cash register!

6. I love make up and spend horrendous amounts of money on cosmetics and beauty products. I am obssessed. Yet bizarrely I don't wear make up all that often and I don't think I'm that good at applying it. Especially eyeshadow - hopeless!!!

6. My grandfather was from the Yemen, hence my (middle) name.

7. I like to play guitar. I play lots of things to a very mediocre standard. My favourite type of guitar music is flamenco / Spanish guitar, and blues. The flamenco guitar player Paco de Lucia is my idol.

8. I love Spain and have recently got half on A-Level in Spanish. I think the language is beautiful. I got a much better grade than any of my A-Levels at school!

9. I studied science at University, and was a freelance science journalist for a while. After uni, I very nearly ended up working in a lab for Nestle in Newcastle (hence the London move). I hate practical science!

10. I love squash and think it should be made an Olympic sport!


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